"Art is a form of communication;

a way of expressing ones self and emotions."

Tracey’s Studio is a place where 

anyone can explore their inner artist.


Our studio offers a diverse set of programs for children, teens and adults through various art mediums such as ceramics, painting, tie-dye, paper mache, mosaic tile, and more. 


Walk-in  Feel free to just drop by and work at your leisure on any project.  Walk-in time is open to everyone.


Kids  Its all about creativity!   Enjoy quality time through individual or group classes and seasonal camps that focus on expanding art awareness. Camps are loads of fun! Our students build self-esteem and solid friendships in the process.


Teens   Come hang out in a safe environment while working on fun and challenging art. We offer classes that help not only hone their individual skills, but also help expand their knowledge in art history, technique, and theory.


Adult   Activities range from classes to special events and group outings, such as ladies nights. The studio provides space to unwind and feed your need for a creative outlet outside the hustle of everyday life.


Everybody needs a break sometimes, and our relaxed arts & crafts studio can help reconnect you with your creative side or provide a fun excuse to meet up with your friends.