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                      Party Packages

All parties are 2 hours and include an instructor with all supplies. 

1 1/2 hours are given to ART time and 1/2 hour for party time.  All paper products and balloons are included in prices.



$275 - Min 10 Children

$20 - Each Additional Painter


Deposit for Canvas Parties                                                   




Ceramic (Choice of any Piece)

Price varies per piece selected

$325- Min 10 Children

$25 - Each Additional Painter

Deposit for Ceramic Parties





Ceramics (Smaller pieces)

$225 - Min 10 Children

$15- Each Additional Child


Deposit for Ceramics Parties(small)





Price varies per piece selected

- Min 10 Children

(Dinosaur, Fish, Cat, Dog, Ice

Cream Cone, Butterfly, Frog, Cross,

Crown, Monkey, Giraffe, Guitar,

Or Design Your Own.

Deposit For Mosaic Parties





$275 - Min 10 Children

$20 - Each Additional Child

Deposit For Clay Parties


Don't see anything your child likes?  Don't worry!  Call me and tell me what your child enjoys, I will put together a party package that caters to your child.

Payment / Deposit / Minimums


All Private Parties require a minimum of 10 paid guests. If you fall short of the minimum number of guests required, we will still run your party, but please understand that you are responsible for the difference in payment, which will be withheld from your deposit.


There are NO VOUCHERS or DISCOUNT CODES allowed as payment towards private parties. Gift Certificates, however, CAN be used as payment towards private party seats.


At lease one parent/guardian MUST stay with children during a Kid’s Party. You do not have to paint yourself, only those who paint will be charged.


Please contact us if you have any questions.


A $150.00 deposit is due at time you book your date, the balance is due on day of your party.



What if I need to cancel / reschedule a Private Party?

Cancellations / reschedules must be made 14 days prior to the event in order to refund your deposit. Cancellations must be made via email at Traceysartsandcrafts@gmail.com. I will email back with information about your refund.


PLEASE UNDERSTAND that if you cancel / postpone / reschedule your private party with less than 14 days notice, we CAN NOT refund your deposit, unless we find another party to take your time slot. If we are able to book another party during your canceled time slot, we will gladly refund your full deposit.



We accept cash, check and credit cards at the studio, guests can also pay individually when they arrive.

Fun Birthday parties for kid's!!! 💖🤗🖌